GDK Notifications

This section describes the notifications emitted by the library.

All notifications contain an "event" element which describes the type of event being notified. The notification data is available under an element named with the content of the "event" element.

Network notification

Notified when the state of a session’s underlying network connection changes.

  "event": "network",
  "network": {
    "wait_ms": 1000,
    "current_state": "disconnected",
    "next_state": "connected"
current_state:One of "connected" or "disconnected". The current state of the network connection.
next_state:One of "connected" or "disconnected". The next state that the connection will move to. If this value is the same as "current_state" then no state change is currently in progress.
wait_ms:The number of milliseconds before the current state will change to the next state. 0 if the change will happen immediately or no change is due to occur.

Tor notification

Notified when using the built-in Tor connection during connection establishment.

  "event": "tor",
  "tor": {
    "progress": 20,
    "summary": "Establishing an encrypted directory connection",
    "tag": "onehop_create"
tor/progress:An integer from 0-100 indicating the progress percentage.
tor/summary:A human-readable summary of the current progress step.
 A fixed identifier string for the current progress step.

Settings notification

Notified upon successful authentication. Describes the current wallet settings.

   "event": "settings",
   "settings": {}
settings:Contains the Settings JSON of the user.

Two factor reset notification

Notified by multisig sessions upon successful authentication. Describes the current two factor reset status of the wallet.

   "event": "twofactor_reset",
   "twofactor_reset": {}
 Contains the "twofactor_reset" portion of Two-Factor config JSON.

Block notification

Notified when a new block is mined by the network.

   "event": "block",
   "block": {
     "block_hash": "00000000a09b62cc7c076cf8bb25840e67bb5f9f47492f8a82a09105a6aab72d",
     "block_height": 2138311,
     "initial_timestamp": 1489943482,
     "previous_hash": "00000000000000bcf344da3c3d691f5581136bf78c52de4c712949541f0ccf3c"
 The hash of the block.
 The height of the block.
 Multisig only. The time that the users wallet was created, in seconds since the epoc.
 The hash of the block prior to this block.

Transaction notification

Notified when a new transaction is received by the wallet.

 Bitcoin only. The net amount of the transaction (always positive).
 The wallet subaccounts the transaction affects.
 The txid of the transaction.
 Bitcoin only. One of "incoming", "outgoing" or "redeposit".

Ticker notification

Notified when the user’s exchange rate changes.

  "event": "ticker",
  "ticker": {
    "currency": "NZD",
    "exchange": "KIWICOIN",
    "rate": "44100.84"
 The user’s chosen fiat currency.
ticker/exhange:The user’s chosen exchange source.
ticker/rate:The price of 1 Bitcoin expressed in the user’s fiat currency, expressed as a floating point string.